International law

Advice in negotiating and drafting agreements. Assistance regarding the management of contractual relationships with foreign entities.
By way of example, the service may cover:
- advice on foreign legislation , involving related foreign law firms as necessary;
- The drafting of specific contracts and assistance in negotiations;
- the drafting of general conditions in the international contract;
- the study and drafting of individual clauses of international significance , as a greater safeguard and guarantee of fulfillment in favor of the client;
- the evaluation, in specific contracts, on the appropriateness of inclusion of correct clauses for the determination of the applicable legislation (domestic, individual state or international) and/or jurisdiction or clauses or for the non-judicial settlement of disputes;
- determination of strategy and out-of-court defense regarding the interpretation, enforcement or termination of international contracts.
- Out-of-court defense against claims of foreign entities.