Real estate law

The firm advises and assists in all negotiations related to real estate, such as buying and selling, leasing, leases for residential or other use, business leases, comodati and contracts for the construction of buildings or the provision of services. The firm's professionals take special care to keep abreast of regulatory changes affecting the sector and developments in case law applying positive law, so so that they can offer specific and timely expertise in real estate management.

Consulting covers transactions related to single real estate units, both related to large real estate complexes, valorization and building development of residential, commercial, tourist-hotel and industrial areas.

Specific experience has been gained in buying and selling properties to be built and exchanges of land for finished housing units.

The firm also deals with the legal aspects related to the rehabilitation of brownfield sites with a focus on environmental issues (e.g., remediation of soil, subsoil, surface and groundwater and related identification of obligated parties).