New Technologies Law

The subject is characterised by the need to investigate and resolve legal issues in particularly advanced technological fields, which are often not yet specifically regulated.

Consulting is aimed at high-tech companies and those with a particular propensity to use and/or trade in IT products (HD and SW), Databases, Multimedia Products, Internet services, Electronic Commerce, Wireless, Home Automation, etc.

By way of example, the following areas are indicated:

- Contracts with information technology object ( HD or information system supply; SW licensing; SW development; Information Technology Outsourcing; Virtual Shopping Center; Supply and Development of On-Line Information and Information Services; Supply of Applications SW; Web Site Design and Development; Virtual Customer Support with avatars) ;
- Software Protection;
- Legal issues inherent in the use of the Web;
- Partnerships between Firms operating on and/or for the Web (Internet Partnership; Advertisements on Sites; Housing and Promotion of Sites on Portal) ;
- Registration, acquisition, transfer, reassignment and protection of domain names;
- Online Copyright Law;
- Publishing Law;
- Consumer Relations and Issues.