Contracts and Law in Commerce

Consulting in this matter is inclusive of the main business relations of corporate life, held with third parties, whether companies or consumers, customers or suppliers.
By way of example, advice may be given:
- in the drafting of General Terms and Conditions, both for the purchase and sale of goods/services;
- in the study and drafting of specific clauses for individual contracts , aimed at obtaining greater safeguards, guarantee of fulfillment;
- in the evaluation, in specific contracts, on the appropriateness of inclusion of correct clauses for non-judicial solution of disputes: ritual, irritual, administered arbitration, technical arbitration, mediation;
- in the drafting of specific contracts tailored to the needs of the deal;
- in assisting in negotiations ;
- in out-of-court defense in the execution of contracts and against alleged contractual obligations.
The assignment is agreed upon and customized according to the company's needs and business strategies.