We work to build strong customer relationships based on trust and loyalty. Our main motivation is the client's satisfaction for the results achieved as a result of a job well done. The Firm has a strong international vocation and an important experience in commercial and corporate relations between Italy and European countries, in particular Scandinavia.


The conduct of Studio Caiazza & Partners always meets the highest professional ethical standards towards clients, counterparties, third parties, colleagues and authorities. Clients' funds pass exclusively through the Clients' Account, opened at Banca IntesaSanpaolo, which is separate from the Firm's account and from the account of each individual partner; all movements are recorded in an authenticated register.


Each legal advice and assistance assignment focuses on the economic interest of the client. The specialist knowledge and experience of each of the firm's partners is put at the disposal of the appointed lawyer through constant internal consultations.

The Law Firm

Caiazza & Partners was founded in 1988 by Massimo Caiazza - a lawyer in Milan and Stockholm. The current office, at 57 Corso Vercelli in Milan, is located in a prestigious Art Nouveau building, which has been perfectly renovated.

The associated firm has developed
expertise in a variety of fields.

Real estate law

Family law

Transactions and Corporate Law

Industrial law

New technology law

Labour law

Credit protection

Warrants in extrajudicial or arbitration matters

Warrants for Defense in Litigation

Protection of Personal Rights

Conciliation in civil and commercial matters

Civil and Professional Liability, Insurance Law

Human rights and business

Contracts and Trade Law

International law